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Focus 专心


Patient 耐心


Fun 开心


Intention 用心


Attentive 细心

School vans

Safe 放心

I started Hanlin 14 years ago with over 26 years of teaching experience. Our school provides an excellent after school education program. We are also committed to providing a socially well-balanced and academically advanced curriculum in a school-based environment. Every student here enjoys learning Chinese culture and history. We also teach the students to respect teachers and each other. We care deeply for every student's future and help them to be successful through patience, love, and fun. I promise to you, you will be pleased and amazed at how much your child learns at our school.



             We Care-  

                               Every Child



Hanlin Academy serves all students from grades Pre-K to 5th. We provide after school care and language classes of all levels. We also have an excellent enrichment program and homework help system. Besides English, Chinese, Spanish, and French classes, students can also pursue other interests at Hanlin:

  • Mandarin/Spanish/French

  • English Reading&Writing

  • Guzheng/Ukelele/Violin/Piano

  • Chess/Dancing/Kungfu/Basketball/Volleyball/Soccer

  • Art&Drawing

  • Coding/Robotic/3D Printing

  • Science

  • Abacus/Olympiad Math

Hanlin was founded in 2008. We grew rapidly from 14 students to more than 220 at our Belmont campuses. Since 2013, we have expanded to our second and third campuses at Belmont and Redwood Shores, which cover Belmont-Redwood Shores, San Carlos, and partial San Mateo-Foster City School Districts. 

Hanlin Academy is an equal opportunity school that offers a diverse, fun, and multi-cultural environment which encourages learning to all students. 


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