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What Makes Us Special?


The Hanlin School Vans used to pick up your child have commercial insurance. Every van is fully stocked—emergency kit (for earthquakes), first-aid kit, fire extinguishers, and umbrellas. All the drivers passed the driving, drug, and alcohol tests. We are well prepared for all emergency activities and have a strong emergency supply storage at the corner of the school. All the Hanlin teachers are CPR & First Aid certified.


  • Academics (1st- 5th): We offer Kumon Math & English and Singapore Math & English practice when students finish their school homework. Each grade will receive a small group (6-8 students) of English tutoring by a CA credential elementary teacher.


  • Chinese Program: We offer Chinese-immersion kindergarten programs. We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes for both non-Chinese speaking families & Chinese speaking families of 1st-5th grade. 

  • Fun: We have all kinds of indoor activities and art and crafts for students to enjoy. Kindergarteners will get 40 minutes of outdoor playtime daily.


  • School Holidays: We offer a full-day program when the school has holidays! We also offer Summer& Winter Camps for all students. When school is off, you don’t need to worry! We will take care of your child!


  • We care and value every student in Hanlin. Children learn to be respectful and how to behave. We encourage every student to have a positive attitude and work with parents to help their child grow. We also work with local learning groups to help the students who have behavior problems. If a student or parent reports that someone has been bullied at school, we will investigate.


  • No hidden tuition fees. We have a monthly tuition chart for the 3 school districts we serve. We try to build a relationship based on trust between all the schools and every Hanlin family.


  • A very strong team of teachers. We try to keep all of the best teachers that we hire for as long as possible. We put in the extra effort to find the perfect teacher to fit one of our selected programs. A good team of teachers is what sets up a solid foundation for our school. 



Event Announcement:
4/13: Easter Egg Hunting
3/28-4/1: Spring Break Camp
5/30 Memorial Day Holiday
6/13 Summer Camp...




Hanlin Academy will be closed in observation of the holidays listed below. As described in our Attendance Policy, no tuition adjustments are made for holidays or school closures. For specific dates of closures please refer to our current program-year calendar.


* Labor Day (1 day)

* Thanksgiving (2 days)

* Memorial Day (1 day)

* Independence Day (1 day)

* Christmas & New Year’s Day 


Hanlin is open for our camp days: Winter Break, Spring Break, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day


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