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12:00-1:00pm       TK Pick Up/Drop Off Time
1:00-1:30pm         Lunch Time
1:30-2:10pm         Kindergarten Pick Up Time
2:15-3:15pm         Mandarin Class
3:15-3:30pm         Snack Time
3:30-4:15pm         Enrichment Class
Abacus珠心算/Basketball 篮球
4:15-5:00pm          Outdoor Play
5:30-5:30pm          Practice Time
5:30-6:15pm          Parents Pick up
Teacher Ratio (10-12 students)
Professional Enrichment Teachers
      School Age   
2:30-3:15pm           Pick up Time
3:15-3:30pm           Snack Time
3:30-4:30pm           Mandarin Class
4:30-5:30pm           Homework Help
5:30-6:00pm           Parents Pick Up
Enrichment Classes:
Abacus珠心算/Beast Academy数学
Kumon Math 新加坡数学
Coding 编程/Robotic 机器人/3D打印课
Group Piano 钢琴小组课/Private Piano一对一课
Group/Private  团体/私人 Guzheng古筝/Ukelele课/Guitar吉他课/Violin小提琴
Choir 合唱团/Dancing舞蹈课/Hip hop Dancing 
Tennis网球 Swimming游泳

Teacher Ratio (10-12 students)
Professional Enrichment Teachers
     Weekend Class
10:00-11:00am  Toddler Beginner 幼儿初级班
11:00-12:00pm  Toddler Advance 幼儿高班
10:00-12:00pm  School Age 幼稚园-五年级 
Small Class Setting (3-6 students)
Toddler Age( 2.5-5 years old)
Private tutoring is available upon the request for any subject!

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