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         2023 Hanlin Fun Camps

 Arts and Crafts Week – Amazing Young Artists:

Art is the greatest form of self expression.  In this session of summer camp, campers will have the opportunity to let their creative sides take the wheel.  Campers will try new art forms as they create their own paintings, piece together detailed mosaics, pencil sketches, Chinese paintings and learn about different artists throughout time.  They will be using a variety of mediums from water color, oil pastels, and much more! Let’s embark on an art adventure together.


 Pottery and Clay Week - Hanlin’s Fine Arts

Through the use of clay, Hanlin’s campers will enjoy crafting many memorable items this week.  From designing life-like figurines, to designing their own pottery, campers will have the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with their creations.  Our campers will develop sensory and motor skills, as well as building their self-esteem and utilizing their self-expression with their one of a kind pieces.  Projects will include a variety of subjects from mythical creatures, to animals and insects, to historical warriors, to beautiful vases.  The opportunities to create are endless!

Painting Week

Campers will have a chance to create painting projects such as a bamboos/pandas/paws/shrimps.. students will learn basic knowledge of Chinese traditional painting and colors.

Cooking Week – We are Master Chef’s!

In this session, Hanlin campers will learn how to create simple traditional Chinese dishes.  While learning how to cook, they will also learn the Chinese names for each dish and will have the opportunity to eat the delicious dishes they make.  In addition to cooking, we will discuss the importance of healthy eating and the importance of exercise and how both affect our bodies.  We will have so many master chef’s by the end of the week and that is a “chef’s kiss”!


Sports Week – Our young awesome Athletes

Go, team, go! Sports camp is all about allowing campers to have the opportunity to try out a variety of different sports.  While this is not a specialty camp focusing on a single sport, our sports camp will give children the chance to explore different sports while having fun with their friends.  Basketball, volleyball, soccer - all great team sports that show children the importance of communicating and working together.  We can’t wait to help your child learn more about sports they may have never thought to participate in and just being able to try new things out is a SLAM DUNK!

Fashion Design Week

This week is focused on sewing clothing that children can wear as well as creating craft and jewelry projects. We will introduce children to a variety

of Fashion Design Concepts including different sewing techniques. 

Adventure Camp

Campers will meet live animals, perform fun experiments, build leadership

and critical thinking skills. They will have many adventures in the nature with peers and instructors. We get to explore nature animals with our fun instructor! we play games and tell stories to bring unseen parts of our urban habitat to life with our campers. 

Coding and Game Making Week -

During this fun and exciting week, Hanlin campers will have the opportunity to tap into the future.  Coding and robotics are a part of our daily lives and what better way to give your children a head start into learning more about it.  Our lessons throughout the week will focus on teaching collaboration, creativity, and different ways to communicate.  The future is in our hands!


Lego Week - Lego Masters

Lego Week is a time for campers to develop critical thinking skills, innovation, collaboration, and more.  This fun themed camp will allow campers to collaborate and work together to create amazing creations. Campers will build into their STEM skills to unlock their imagination.  It is always such a treat to see the pride and joy that campers have with the work they build and create!

 Gardening Week – Amazing Little Gardeners

Gardening Week will give campers the opportunity to grow their own plants.  Throughout the week, campers will have the opportunity to grow a plant of their very own, all while learning about plant life cycles.  Campers will learn about what a plant needs to thrive and grow.  They will learn how to take care of plants - how much water to give it, how much sunlight it will need.  Campers will also have the opportunity to decorate their own flower pots to take their plants home in at the completion of plant week.  We can’t wait for this exciting week!


Music Week - Hanlin’s Magical Musicians

During Music Week, our happy campers will be able to use the Mandarin they have been learning in class and apply it to songs.  In addition to singing songs, students will learn about different Chinese instruments such as the Chinese Bamboo Flu, Guzheng, Chinese Erhu, and piano.  Campers will enhance their knowledge of traditional Chinese music instruments, while also learning and using western instruments as well.  It will all be music to our ears!

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