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English, Reading, & Writing Instructor-Mrs. Vlatka

She has been actively involved in teaching, publishing, and multimedia development for nearly 20 years. Vlatka is a self-published author and books, Paris Gamble hired Vlatka to rewrite the education Comic book. She loves teaching our Hanlin Students!


Mandarin Instructor – Betty Laoshi

-She obtained her teaching credential in China Jinlin in 2010. 

-She is a strong believer that the more you understand Chinese culture, the more you are obsessed with the Chinese language. 

-One of her inspirations is to bring a positive influence into American kids' lives by teaching them the Chinese language.


Mandarin Instructor – Apple Laoshi

She is a passionate teacher and has years of experience working with children. She focuses on engaging her students through the use of oral Mandarin in class. She teachers the beginner and intermediate Chinese classes at Hanlin!



Kindergarten Instructor-Luo Laoshi

Luo Laoshi is our awesome  Kindergarten Teacher. She comes from China. She has more than six years of experience in creating a highly interactive, technology integrated, and fun-based classroom for young children.



Kindergarten Instructor- Winnie Laoshi

Winnie comes from mainland China. She is a lovely mom and very experienced at how to educate and develop children. Irene is also skilled in arts and crafts. Students have lots of fun in her class. 



Kindergarten Lead Instructor- Iris Laoshi

 She has more than 4 years of teaching experience in Foster City. She's been a Hanlin Kindergarten lead teacher for over 2 years. She is one of the students' favorite teachers! 


Kindergarten  Instructor- Xiang Laoshi

向老师 has been teaching at Kindergarten for over 2 years. She makes her class exciting with many hands-on activities and she hopes to help students realize learning Chinese has many fun and practical reasons.



Mandarin Instructor- Cao Laoshi

 She has more than 11 years of teaching experience in SF and completed the requirement Early Child Education Unit.  She has taught pre-school students to sixth-grade students. She loves teaching Mandarin in a fun way and doing arts and crafts! 




Abacus & Mind Math- Chen Laoshi

She has over 14 years of teaching abacus! She has been teaching Abacus at Hanlin for almost 6 years! Our students can perform 50 one hundred digit addition and subtraction problems in 5 minutes. She also helps our students pass the Abacus Test every year.



Martial Art ShiFu- Master Lu

He has been teaching martial arts for over 5 years! He has received many awards from different Martial Arts Championships in China. He is now teaching our kindergartners to become Kungfu Masters!



Dancing- Teacher Jane

She has over 18 years of experience teaching dancing. She has performed in the Kennedy Center, the New Walt Disney Concert, and the Waterman Theatre. She also finished her Early Child Education at Canada College. 




Drawing Teacher- Jack Laoshi

Jack graduated from Taiwan. He is a Senior Industrial Artist with many masterpieces including the fields of Fresco, sculptures, and paintings. He is a director of the Ice and Snow Art Association in China. With his efforts and experiences, many of his students have won Gold Awards in various art competitions in the North America Region.


Piano Teacher- Ms. Cui

She has over 7  years of teaching experience. She graduated from the China Conservatory of Music with a degree in piano. She has been teaching piano to all ages and levels from beginner to advanced. She is very passionate about her music and believes that helping a student learn to play the piano can enhance their life drastically.


Chess Coach-Coach Dennis

 He has been a private chess coach of over 16 years and a scholastic instructor for 13. Dennis earned an expert rating during his 41 years of playing experience. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Berkeley in Social Welfare and a Masters of Social Work degree from San Francisco State University. Dennis has dedicated 24 years of his working career to the County of San Mateo, supervising adult and youth programs before officially launching Advantage Chess to accommodate a growing demand for chess services in the Bay Area.


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